Zombie Games
810 The Last Soldier Small The Last Soldier
You are a soldier during the zombie invasion with one task. You are on a mission to deliver the only known zombie virus antidote to end the zombie apocalypse. However, the plane that was carrying you has crashed and now it's up to you to fight through the zombie army and find the antidotes that have scattered across the crash site so you can deliver the antidote and put an end to this madness. You are humanity's last hope. Will the human race survive or are we doomed to have zombies rule the world?To play The Last Soldier, use the W/S keys to move forward and back. The arrow keys for angels movement. The spacebar will shoot your weapons. 1/2/3 keys will change your weapons and the tab key will bring you to the main menu.
The Poise Of Pudgy Pete The Poise of Pudgy Pete
Help Pudgy Pete practice his balancing. How long can you make him stay on the platform? Brought to you by CrookedAlley.com, Flash Games, Zombie Movie Reviews, Videos and More.
The Survivor The Survivor

It's only been a few weeks since a deadly zombie outbreak and you have not seen a living person in days.  Could you be the last living person in the world?  Fight the zombies for your own survival and salvation.  Use your shovel and attack those zombies.  Use your mouse to hover over the evil monsters and use the mouse click to beat them.  All you need to do is survive.

The Zombie Epidemic The Zombie Epidemic

The Zombie Epidemic is a RPG zombie game.  Buy and upgrade your guns and build an army of survivors to take on the hordes of the undead.  

To play use the WASD keys to move, arrow keys to scroll through the map.  The mouse button shoots.  Z and X scroll in and out of your map.  You can click on buildings to open their menus.

Tribulation V613204 Tribulation

You are trapped in an abandoned parking lot surrounded by zombies.  Pandora's box is the only thing that will keep you safe.

To play use the WASD keys to move.  The Spacebar uses rage mode and the left mouse button will fire.

Undead Unrest Undead Unrest

Alone and under attack from zombies, you must kill them all in order to help the human race survive from extinction.  Watch out, even a simple touch from a zombie will lead to you being infected with the virus.  

To play, use the WASD keys to move.  Spacebar reloads.  The mouse button fires in the direction your mouse is hovering in.  The 1-3 number keys switch between your available weapons.  

Unsurvival Unsurvival

In this Zombie survival game you must kill as many zombies as possible before your ammo runs out and you become zombie bait. 

Use the arrow keys to move, Ctrl switches between your weapons.  Use the mouse to aim and shoot your weapons.

Urban V Legend UVL: Chapter 1

UVL is an arcade style 1st person shooter.  Use the mouse left click to shoot and reload using the space key.

Wheels And Zombies Wheels and Zombies

In this zombie driving game, you must race and fight zombies.  You can upgrade your cars capabilities with the more points you gain.  Good luck.

Your Turn Your Turn

The zombie horde is coming after you.  Kill them all and do it quickly.  You can upgrade weapons at the end of the level.

To play use the arrow keys to move.  R reloads and the 1-5 number keys will switch between your weapons.

Zniper Zniper

After finding yourself caught on top of the roof trying to flee zombies, you are stuck.  Luckily you have a sniper rifle and enough rounds to start doing some damage.  Which is good because there are innocent people still on the streets.  Use your rifle and be the best sniper you can in order to save your friends.  If you can keep them alive for 60 seconds, the army can have enough time to show up with their helicopters in order to save them.  

Zombans Vs Humbies V122164 Zombans VS Humbies

In Zombans vs. Humbies, you play as a zombie that must defend yourself against humans in this action shooter game.  Play either single player or in multiplayer mode.  To play, use the WASD keys to move, 123QE will select your weapons.  Spacebar activates your bonus and use the mouse to aim and shoot.  Will you survive all kill all the humans?

Zombe Death Survival Zombe Death Survival

In this zombie survival game you find yourself in the middle of your hometown when the zombie apocalypse starts.  You are now surrounded by zombies and must fight them off before they eat your brains.  Luckily you are armed and must now shoot them all as fast as you can before you get overrun.  Kill zombies and increase your skill level in order to survive.

Zombie V452682 Zombie

Zombies are attacking.  You must stop them, save yourself and hit as many zombies as you can.

Zombie Village Zombie Village

You have found yourself in a village you thought was safe, but it has been overcome with zombies.  You must find an exit and get out, so kill any zombies that may try and fight you.  

To play use the AD keys to move.  W jumps.  The left mouse button will shoot.  Spacebar will switch between your weapons.

Zombie Apocolypse Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are everywhere and it's up to you to defend the city from their evil.

Zombie Balloon Heads 2 Zombie Balloon Heads 2
All Johnny does in Mr. Johnson's Science class is daydream about zombies. He draws zombies that look like things in the classroom. Play through his notes, and destroy the zombie balloon heads!
WASD for movement. Mouse to aim and shoot.
Zombie Bites Zombie Bites

Zombie Bites is a game where you control a zombie army.  You must feed on humans in order to survive, but with each human infected that becomes another zombie means not only that your horde will grow, but will mean less of a food supply for your zombie army.  As time goes on, humans will become more and more rare, hence less food will be available.  

To play use the arrow keys to move, up jumps, and the spacebar bites your victims.

Zombie Blaster V516713 Zombie Blaster

Your only way out of the zombie attack is to fire yourself from a cannon!

To play use the mouse button to shoot.  A and D will tilt and Spacebar will set of a Nuke attack.

Zombie Bush Whacker Zombie Bush Whacker

When the zombie apocalypse happened everyone was instantly enlisted into the army for protection.  You are a soldier deep in the brush and it's your job to stop the zombie invasion.  Kill those zombies!

To play use the arrow keys to move and destroy zombies using the Z key or left mouse button.

Zombie Canyon Zombie Canyon

You work in a secret government Zombie prision, but now the zombie inmates are rioting.  Stop them from trying to escape from the canyon and killing the villagers at the top of the cliff.


To play Zombie Canyon, use your mouse to aim and shoot.  The WASD keys will move.

Zombie Canyon China Zombie Canyon China
chinese version of the fwg game
Zombie Chaser Zombie Chaser

Are you ready for a zombie invasion?  Probably not.  Find out in this game.  Just run and avoid the zombies at all costs.

Zombie Circus Escape Zombie Circus Escape

Zombies have become domesticated and are now part of a sideshow circus act.  But they were not as domesticated as people thought.  They have now escaped and are taking over the zombie circus.  Help save the innocent victims before it's too late.


To play use the arrow keys to move.

Zombie Cop Zombie Cop

You are a cop in Cincinnati trying to defend yourself against an army of the undead.  Kill the zombies!

Zombie Crusher Zombie Crusher

To play Zombie Crusher use the arrow keys to move your player.  You play as an alien whose planet has been overrun with zombies.  Beware though as some of the zombies can't be killed so watch out and be sure to avoid them.

Zombie Crypt Zombie Crypt

You play as two characters in this platform style game.  Use the WASD keys to control one and the arrow keys to move the other player.  Kill zombies and find a way out!

Zombie Death Match Zombie Death Match

It's zombie vs. zombie.  Take on other zombies in death matches and try and become champion of the zombies.  

Zombie Disposal Zombie Disposal

After the world has been taken over by zombies, you have found yourself a new job.  You are a transporter.  Your mission is to transport as many zombie corpses out of the city so they can be burned.  But watch out because these zombies can and will come back to life.

Zombie Dodger Zombie Dodger

In your car you must dodge the zombies as hitting them will reduce your cars integrity.  When your cars power reaches zero you will lose.  Use the mouse to control your car.

Zombie Dolls Zombie Dolls

In this fun zombie game you find yourself in the safety of your home as zombie voodoo dolls are trying to attack.  Use your potato spud gun, bb gun and other funny weapons to beat them off.  

Zombie Empire V219513 zombie empire

After the zombie apocalypse, the human race has died.  Now the zombies have become smarter and are waging a war on each other.  It's now east vs. west.  Which zombies will rule the world?

To play click the soldier icon or 1,2,3 to produce new soldiers.  Click on the screen to shoot your weapons.  You can buy weapons using the weapons icon.

Zombie Farm V1 Zombie Farm

A fun simulation game reminiscent of the classic game Drug Wars.  After everyone in the world becomes rich you decide to unleash a zombie plague against humanity.  A quick and fun game to play, but a hard one to master to get the best score.

Zombie Golf Club House Of The Dead Zombie Golf : Club House of...

Find golf boring?  How about zombie golf.  Play this fun twist on the classic sport of golf.

Zombie Guard zombie guard

In this zombie survival game, you must protect your wall from the invading zombie horde.  Kill the zombies before they reach the gates.  There are 20 levels in total in this game.  After you complete the level you can upgrade your weapons.  Good luck.  You'll need it.

Zombie Herder Zombie Herder

After finding yourself in a graveyard, you see that the dead are beginning to rise.  You are just a local farmer and are only armed with a cattle prod to fight off the rising zombies.  Zap them with your prod to keep them from eating you just long enough until help arrives.  DO NOT let any of the zombies move off of the screen.  Every zombie that escapes will kill an innocent bystander.

Use the mouse left click to activate your cattle prod.  Good luck.

Zombie Hunter Zombie Hunter

You are alone and in the dark.  Make your way through the darkness and find your way out, but watch out for zombies.

To play Zombie Hunter, use the WASD keys to move, E to switch between your guns, R will reload and Spacebar will pick up any additional guns you may find.  Use your mouse to look and shoot.  Happy hunting.

Zombie Hunter V568673 Zombie Hunter

You are a zombie hunter.  Use the mouse to aim and left click to shoot in this game.

Zombie Incumbents Zombie Incumbents

In this zany political game Zombies have taken over congress and their approval rating, as you may have guessed is not very high.  This is America damnit and we don't stand for zombies taking over the political sphere.  You must get as many zombies out of office as you can.  Replace them with real people.

Zombie Invasion V328532 Zombie invasion

The world has been overrun with zombies.  You are one of the last human survivors you know of.  Now kill them all and save yourself.  There is a weapons shop that will be available in between levels.  You can change your weapons using the 1-4 keys or by rotating your mouses wheel.

Zombie Kill Adventure Zombie Kill Adventure

It's halloween and the dead are rising.  Use your sword and go on a zombie killing spree.

Zombie Krul Zombie Krul

Zombies have overrun humanity and you must find a way to save yourself.  Your only hope is to find the scientists to get a cure for the zombie virus.  Use your weapons to kill zombies and escape from the invasion.

Zombie Island Zombie land
Shoot all the zombies in a wave before your health becomes 0 and update your health. Play 3 levels to win the game
Waves of zombies attack our hero. At the end of every wave: The hero can buy gun updates. When a zombie hits the base, hero's health gets reduced by a certain percentage. When the health becomes zero the game ends. Drag the mouse to move the cursor. Keep the mouse pressed to shoot continuously. Release the mouse to stop shooting. Beware of the skeleton zombie. If it hits the hero the game ends
Zombie Land Shelf Battle ZOMBIE LAND (shelf battle)

Can you survive Zombie Land?  Buy weapons and protect yourself from the impending zombie army.

Zombie Last Night 2 Zombie Last night 2

In this zombie shooter game you have one simple mission.  Kill zombies!  To play use the WASD keys to move.  The 1-3 number keys will switch between your weapons.  Use the mouse to aim and shoot your guns.  Spacebar will activate your med kit and the p or esc button will pause your game if things get too intense.

Zombie Lust Zombie Lust

In this zombie survival game, wave after wave of zombies will come to attack your town.  It's an endless battle against the undead.  

To play use the WASD keys to move.  Shoot with the mouse button.  The 1-5 number keys will switch your weapons.  If you run out of ammo be sure to use your chainsaw as a last resort!

Zombimart Zombie Mart

Zombies have taken over your sweet's store in the local shopping mart and you want some twinkies!  Take the trolly and kill as many of the undead as you possibly can.  Steer your cart with the WASD keys or the arrow keys.

Zombie Mob Zombie Mob

In this zombie survival game, the dead have begun to rise and you must survive for as long as you can.  To play click and drag your character using the mouse and avoid zombies and the walls.  How long will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Zombie Night Escape Zombie Night Escape

When you head out to see your friend you discover that he is undead and now a zombie.  Something fishy is going on and you need to get out of here.  

Zombie Pumpkin Drive By V1 Zombie Pumpkin Drive-by

In this simple game all you need to do is shoot the Zombies with Pumpkin heads.

Zombie Saloon Zombie Saloon

All you want to do is head out to your local pub and grab a cold beer, but it's been taken over by a zombie horde.  Also the waitress you've been in love with has been taken hostage in the pub.  Now shoot those zombies before they shoot you.

To play use your mouse to aim and the left button to shoot.  Spacebar reloads.  If you need extra health, hit the bottles.

Zombie Search Zombie Search

It's getting dark and zombies are out looking for human flesh to feed on.  It's dark and the only way to see the zombies is with your searchlight.  Move your gun around the screen to search for the zombies using the WASD or arrow keys.  Shoot using the mouse. 

Sharks Of The Dead Zombie Sharks: Sharks of...

Zombie Sharks have been killing innocent penguins.  You are a sniper who needs to protect them.  To save the penguins hit the sharks head.  Use your mouse to aim and shoot and use the spacebar to reload.

Zombie Slash Zombie Slash

After a zombie attack, all you are armed with is your trusty blades.  Kill those zombies using your mouse.  Hold the button and slash those zombie heads clean off!

Zombie Slayer Zombie Slayer

In this side scrolling zombie shooter flash game, you must kill as many zombies as you can.

To play use the W key to jump, A/D to move left and right.  The 1-8 numbered keys will switch between your weapons.  Use your mouse to aim and shoot those zombies.

Zombie Sniper V366335 Zombie Sniper

To play Zombie Sniper use the mouse to aim and the left button to shoot.  Happy hunting.

Zombie Street V126209 Zombie Street

Zombie street is a quick and fun simple shooter game.

Control using the WASD keys to move, Q and E to change your weapons and R to reload.  Kill as many zombies as you can!

Zombie Street Zombie Street

To play Zombie Street use the WASD or arrow keys to move, the mouse to aim.  Left click to shoot.  The spacebar or the 1-6 keys will switch your weapon and 'R' buys bullets.  

You will find yourself surrounded by hordes of undead zombies.  Kill as many as you can and your mission is to stay alive in this zombie survival game.

Zombie Terminater zombie terminater

Mankind is on the brink of elimination with all these zombies.  Save mankind.  Use the R key to reset the level.  Your mouse will control the angel and power and your left mouse button will throw.

Zombie Three Zombie Three

In this fun zombie game you must try and link the chains of identical zombie heads.  You need to make lines in any direction.  You can also swap zombie heads to help create lines.  The more you match, the better your score will be.  

Zombie Tower Defense Zombie Tower Defense

A horde of roaming zombies is trying to invade in this tower defense game.  Build your towers, get upgrades and defend yourself against the evil zombies.

Zombie Tower Defense 3 V1 Zombie Tower Defense 3

In this simple tower defense game you must protect yourself from the attacking zombies.  Use your mouse to build up your defenses, get upgrades and even seel your towers.  Can you build a good enough stronghold to protect you against the army of zombies?

Zombie Tower Defense 4 Zombie Tower Defense 4

Watch out for the zombies making their way through the maze.  Shoot them to stay alive in this tower defense game.  Can you kill enough to get the missile tower?

Zombie Tower Defense 5 Zombie Tower Defense 5

Protect yourself as the zombies try to make their way through the maze in this tower defense style game.  Can you save the day?  Or will you die trying?

Zombie Tractor Zombie Tractor

You are but a simple farmer.  Life has been pretty easy, until you realize that a virus has spread around the world turning everyone into zombies.  Now you must escape to safety.  Grab your tractor and get out fast and kill some zombies while you are at it.  The more you kill the more upgrades you can buy.

To play use the up and down arrow keys to drive, left and right will tilt your tractor.  Z uses the nitro boost and spacebar will activate your brakes.

Zombie Trailer Park Zombie Trailer Park

Zombie Trailer Park is a game in which zombies have overrun the Metropolis and are making their way towards the trailer park in which you reside.  It's up to you to build your defenses and fight to keep your trailer park safe.  To activate your super weapons you must gather "Yee-Haw" power ups.  To increase your income you must build salvage yards and build trailers to boost your population.  To win you must defeat the zombies base.  

Zombie Transporter Zombie Transporter

In this game you must transport dead zombie heads to the secret vault that they will be stored in for testing to try and stop the zombie virus.  Get them there as quickly as possible.  But watch out for bumpy roads.  To play use the arrow keys for driving and the spacebar to unlock your trailer.

Zombie Trapper Zombie Trapper

Zombie Trapper is a fun game thats a combination of shooting, strategy and defense.  You must shoot the zombies, but you also need to trap them as well.  Set the traps along the path of the zombie.  You will use 9 weapons, 5 traps and 4 fences to try and defeat the zombie horde.  Can you survive?

Zombie Wood Zombie Wood 2 - Time of Day

In this zombie action/shooter game you must kill as many zombies as you can.  You can upgrade your weapons in the shop.  If you need more instructions be sure to check out the game play instructions in the menu.  

To play Zombie Wood, use the WASD or arrow keys to move, Spacebar reloads, Esc will pause the game and also will bring you to the upgrade shop.  Use your mouse to aim and click to fire your weapon.

Zombie Zjooter Taofewa Ninja Shooter Zombie Zjooter - TAOFEWA...

Use your ninja's throwing knives to kill zombies in this fun game.  Watch out for zombies coming at you not only on land, but they can drop from the sky as well.  

The spacebar throws your knives and the arrow keys increase or decrease the power of your throwing.  

Zombies Dodge Zombie's Dodge

Keep the zombies safe from the fire.  To play use the left and right arrows to move away from the flames.

Zombiedash ZombieDash

In this game you play from the point of view of the zombie.  Go out and collect as many brains as you can.  Pink ones are good, green even better and the gold brains are the best of them all.  To play use your arrow keys to control your zombie.

Zombies Ate Juggles Zombies Ate Juggles

Evil zombie clowns are attacking and you must defend Juggles the Clown.

To play use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move.  The spacebar will fire your weapons.  The shift key will strafe and the 1-4 number keys will change your weapons.

Zombies Vs Kittens Zombies VS Kittens

Most people don't know this, but cats and zombies have been sworn enemies since the dawn of time.  Kill zombies as cute little kittens.  Use the Enter key to release kittens.

Zombietown ZombieTown

When a zombie virus was unleashed you went out to protect the human race.  However, your helicopter ended up crashing and you now find yourself in a town overrun by zombies.  You must clear each location to gain new items so that you can finally get enough to build a communication device and alert your command center that you need help.  The more zombies you kill, the more money you will earn towards weapons.


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