Other Vampire Games
Abbots Vampire Dress Up Abbot's Vampire Dress Up

This Vampire girl wants to look scary, but she also enjoys looking pretty at the same time.  Can you dress her up to look stunning, fashionable and of course really scary?

Anime Vampire Queen Anime Vampire Queen

This Vampire Queen uses her sense of fashion to attract her victims with desire.  Help her find the perfect outfit to lure her victims in.

Beautiful Vampire Beautiful Vampire

Before she heads out into the night looking for fresh new victims blood, this Vampire cutie needs to find the perfect outfit so she can look scary and fashionable in this fun dress up game.

Blood Vampire Dress Up Blood Vampire Dress Up

You have just become a Vampire and you must look your best during your approval cerrremony.  You must look your absolute best before you are made a true vampire in this dress up game.

Blood Vampire Dress Up V1 Blood Vampire Dress Up

This gothic cutie vampire needs to look as stylish as possible to please her vampire prince now that she has turned during her induction ceremony.

Castle Dracula Romania Jigsaw Castle Dracula Romania Jigsaw
Recreate a picture of Castle Dracula Romania using jigsaw pieces in our Castle Dracula Romania jigsaw game.Win points for every correct piece and lose points for any pieces you try and place in the wrong place. Every minute of play reduces your score, as does clicking the show picture button. Your final total can be added to a high score table if you wish. Or just totally ignore the points and make the jigsaw in your own time. Use the pass button at no cost in points to move through the available pieces one by one. Left click and drag each piece, if you think you know where it fits, and drop it into place. A tip is to find the corners first and then the edge pieces.
Castle Jigsaw Puzzle Castle Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you solve this 48 piece jigsaw puzzle of a Transylvanian castle?  Use your mouse to drag the pieces where they belong.

Cedric Cullen Dress Up Cedric Cullen Dress Up

Cedric Cullen from Twilight is about to head out for a night of saving his vampire friends.  Help him look his absolute best.  Use your mouse to dress him up in all kinds of fashion and accessories and have fun in this dress up game.

Robert Pattinson Makeover Celebrity Robert Makeover

Robert Pattison is getting ready to reshoot some scenes from the Twilight movie.  But before he can he needs to get ready and find a new look.  Help give him a fashion makeover before he continues his role of Edward Cullen in this dress up game.

Cute Gothic Vampire Girl Cute Gothic Vampire Girl

This vampire cutie is looking for the best gothic fashion to dress up in.  Can you help her find a new look?

Cute Vampire Kisses Cute Vampire Kisses

A simple and fun Vampire kissing game.

Diddlolloween Diddlolloween

In this simple coloring game, select colors from the paint palette on the right to paint the diddlolloween.

Edward Cullen V1 Edward Cullen

Are you on team Edward?  Help dress up this Twilight charecter to look his best so he can impress Bella.

Edward Cullens Fashionably Late Edward Cullen's Fashionably...

Help dress up Edward Cullen of Twilight in this dress up game.  How cute can you make him look?

Gothic Girl Fashion Gothic Girl Fashion

Halloween is upon us and this gothic girl is getting ready for a Halloween party.  Dress her up to look her best in this game.  What outfits, accessories and make up will you choose for her?

Halloween Kiss Halloween Kiss

Halloween kiss has 3 levels.  In level 1 you must help the cute vampire couple kiss, but you must do so without the devil finding out as he is against their love.  In Level 2 they need to kiss without the evil halloween cat finding out.  In level 3 you must get them to kiss without the flying pumpkin seeing them.  Can you help them make their love eternal?  Use your mouse to play.

Halloween Vampire Halloween Vampire

Vanessa is getting ready for her Halloween photoshoot and needs to find the perfect outfit.  Find her the prefect outfit so she can look her scary best during this spooky season.

Haunted Mirror Maze haunted mirror maze

Can you solve the puzzle in this game?  It's filled with friendly vampires, zombies and ghosts that have quirky animations and comments that will keep you entertained.

Jacob Youngblood Dress Up Jacob Youngblood Dress Up

Jacob from Twilight needs a new look.  Find him the perfect new outfit to wear when he heads out to meet up with his werewolf friends in this dress up game.

Krisbella Swan Dress Up Krisbella Swan Dress Up

In this Twilight Themed dress up game you can dress Krisbella Swan (Kristen Stewart) in all kinds of clothes.  Give her the perfect makeover so she can turn some heads.  Use your mouse to click and drag the clothes you pick out.

Kristen Stewart Dress Up V2 Kristen Stewart Dress Up

In this Twilight themed dress up game you must dress up Kristen Stewart (Bella) to create a new fashion and make her look beautiful.  What clothes will you pick out for her?

Liliths World Lilith's World

Lilith loves dressing up in dark and fashionable outfits.  As well you can chat with her after you are done to earn coins.

Scary Vampire Girl Dress Up Scary Vampire Girl Dress Up

Help give this evil Vampire a makeover and help dress her up before she heads out into the night to hunt for human blood. Make her look her best.

Sexy Vampire Slider Puzzle Sexy Vampire Slider Puzzle

In this puzzle game you must slide the pieces of the puzzle into the empty spaces to complete the picture of the sexy vampire.  Can you solve the mystery?

Summer Cullen Dress Up Summer Cullen Dress Up

In this Twilight themed dress up game, you must find the perfect outfit and accessories to make Summer Cullen look fabulous.  Use your mouse to click and drag items of clothing.

The Robert Pattinson Quiz The Robert Pattinson Quiz

How well do you know Robert Pattinson?  Take this quiz to find out 10 facts you may ot may not know about this hot Twiglight actor.  Do you know him as well as you thought or as well as your friends?  Find out!

Tomb Chess tomb chess

Tomb Chess is just like your regular game of chess, but evil, with haunting monsters as your pieces.

Trent The Dead Alive Cowboy Coloring Game Trent the dead alive cowboy...

In this coloring game, color the vampire cowboy.  Pick your color palate and click the part of the vampire you wish to color.  You can even save a jpg of your work to your computer or print it out if you desire.

Twilight Dress Up V1 Twilight Dress up

As a new moon is cast, dress up this Twilight girl. What fun outfits can you get her in?

Vampire Alice Dressup Ii Vampire Bella Dressup Game

Vampire Bella needs a new outfit and style and it's up to you to find her the perfect clothes in this simple dress up game.

Vampire Car Iii Vampire car III

In this jigsaw puzzle you must put together all the peaces to reveal the Vampire car.  Can you solve the puzzle?

Vampire Christina Dressup Vampire Christina Dressup

Vampire Christina has been undead for thousands of years.  It looks like she is going out of style and is in need of a new look.  Dress her up so she can look her best.

Vampire Collection Vampire Collection

Help dress this Vampire up and make her look as fashionable as possible with many outfit and costume choices.

Vampire Couple Dress Up Game Vampire couple dress up game

This cute Vampire couple need your help to dress them up before their big date.  Will they find true love?  Hopefully they can when you make them look their best.

Vampire Couple Halloween Dress Up Game Vampire Couple Halloween...

In this Dress Up Game, you must dress up the vampire couple.  Are they out on a date or will they come after your blood?  Use the mouse to drag over the clothing you think will make them look amazing.

Vampire Diaries Race Against The Dawn Vampire Diaries Race...

In this hidden object game based on the TV show Vampire Diaries you must use your memory to find the hidden rings before the sun comes up and you turn to dust.  Watch out, you don't have as much time as you think.  Use your mouse to locate all of the hidden items.

Vampire Girl Vampire Girl

This Vampire Girl has just awoke from her crypt and is ready to explore the night.  Help dress her up.

Vampire Girl Dressup Vampire Girl Dressup

This Vampire girl needs a fashion makeover and the perfect outfit if she is going to look beautiful , dangerous and cute.

Vampire Girl Makeover Vampire Girl Makeover

This Vampire girl needs a makeover before her big party.  What clothes, accessories and costumes will you choose for her in this dress up game?

Vampire Hunter Coloring Dressup Vampire Hunter Coloring...

Cici is a vampire hunter that loves fashion, so she needs to look perfect before heading out to battle the undead.  Can you help her look her best?  Dress her up before she heads out into the hunt.

Vampire Inspired Dressup Vampire Inspired Dressup

This Vampire girl doesn't know what to wear.  Help her pick out an outfit from her closet so she can look scary hot!

Vampire Joke Shooter Vampire Joke Shooter

In this game you musy shoot the bubbles to reveal vampire jokes.  It's simple, but fun, entertaining and even funny.

Vampire Kiss Dressup Vampire Kiss DressUp

This Vampire girl is looking for a new style and needs some help.  Pick from all kinds of jewelry, clothing, and other fashionable items to get her looking like a stylish Vampire.

Vampire Princess V1 Vampire princess

In this sweetygame, you must pick out some new fashion and dress up the Vampire princess.  How pretty can you make her?

Vampire Princess Dressup Game Vampire Princess Dressup Game

Use the mouse to drag clothes to find the perfect outfit to dress this Vampire Princess up in before she heads out for the hunt!

Vampire Queen Vampire Queen

The Vampire Queen hates trepassers enterubg her castle and will stop at nothing to protect her realm.  Help her invoke fear into anyone who dares enter her castle in this dress up game.

Vampire Queen V526653 Vampire Queen

The queen of the Vampires loves dressing up in the clothes, gems and jewelry of her elders.  Help her look beautiful and like the queen she is in this dress up game.

Vampire Styling For Halloween Vampire Styling for Halloween

In this Halooween themed dress up game, find the perfect outfit for the Vampire girl.  Find her the perfect scary outfit that will help put fear into all that see her.

Vampire Valeri Dressup Vampire Valeri Dressup

Vampire Valerie is a hot vampire girl in need of a fashion makeover.  Make her look her best as night falls and she is ready to go on her search for blood.

Vampire Vanessa Dressup Vampire Vanessa Dressup

Vaneesa is getting ready to head into the city looking for a midnight snack of fresh human blood.  But before she can leave she wants to look beautiful.  Dress her up in that oh so perfect outfit so she can lure in unspecting victims.

Vampire Vixen Dressup Vampire Vixen Dressup

Use your mouse to drag the clothing and dress up this Vampire Vixen in some new threads.  Make sure she looks good before she goes into the night searching for blood and victims.

Vampiress Girl Dress Up Vampiress Girl Dress Up

In this Vampire themed dress up game you must give the Vampire girl a makeover and make her llok as fashionable as possible.

Vampiretar Vampiretar

Play vampiretar for fun as a dress up game, but you can also use it to create and save a Vampire avatar to be used on socail media or forums.  Use the mouse to create the perfect Vampire avatar and share with your friends.

Vampire Alice Dressup Game Vampire_Alice_Dressup_Game

Vampire Alice needs your help to give her a makeover.  Help her pick out some fashionable clothes to wear in this dress up game.

Vampire Edward Dressup Game Vampire_Edward_Dressup_Game

Click on the differnet outfits to dress Edward up in this Twilight themed dress up game for girls.

Wordcross 14 Twilight Wordcross 14 Twilight!

In this word search game find all of the hidden words from the movie Twilight from the list on your right.  How fast can you do this.  Use your mouse to select the first letter and hold it to drag across the full word. The faster you find them, the better your score will be.  Can you find all the words?


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