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Army Of Darkness Army Of Darkness

An army of Zombies and other monsters have taken over the planet.  There is no escape.  You must kill them all to save all of humanity.  You are the last hope.

Using your helicopter and machine gun, complete 25 levels of the Army of Darkness trying to penetrate your defenses.  


Watch out though.  With each new level there will be more zombies trying to kill you.

Connect Monsters Connect Monsters
Draw a line with your mouse a path on the hexagons to connect two or more monsters of same kind. You can draw everywhere as long as you highlight adjacent hexagons and connect the monsters.
Demonic Dungeons Demonic Dungeons
Demonic Dungeons is a mix of the strategy and tower defense genres. The goal is to build and defend your dungeon and destroy the invading hero's structures. For this task you will have monsters and demons helping you. Collect items for your heroes, unlock new buildings and upgrade your dungeon to accomplish your missions. This game is also an sequel of Demonic Guardians. Developed by: Vabolt - Free Games
W, A, S, D or arrow keys: Move the map Mouse Click: Select and build things Esc: Open options screen, cancel building placement
Dungeon Monsters Dungeon Monsters
Skillful hunter Willie is in action!r His mission is not simple. He has to pass through a long tunneled cave where bloodthirsty monsters are waiting for him. Here you cant get through without a good shotgun, but Willie knows what he is doing. Your mission is to destroy monsters on your way, increase your points, and develop your hunting skills. You have 5 lives, extra ammo, and the exciting atmosphere of the wild Safari in Africa.
Play with Mouse
Dungeon Of Pain Dungeon of Death
Entering the "Dungeon of Death" is at your own risk. Only slowly the dust settles after your descent into the dungeon. Breathing is difficult, and in your head a hurricane roars. In the distance, the wail of the failure of this dungeon souls can be heard. You take up all your courage and rise to the dangers. There is only one way ... straight ... Overcome the devious traps the magician Apokryphus collect together the riches and escape from the dungeons. .~|~. Das Betreten des «Dungeon of Death» erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr. Nur langsam legt sich der Staub nach deinem Sturz in den Dungeon. Das Atmen fällt schwer und in deinem Kopf dröhnt ein Orkan. In der Ferne ist das Klagen der an diesem Dungeon gescheiterten Seelen zu hören. Du nimmst all deinen Mut zusammen und stellst dich den Gefahren. Es gibt nur einen Weg... immer geradeaus... Überwinde die hinterhältigen Fallen des Zauberers Apokryphus, sammele die Reichtümer zusammen und entkomme aus den Dungeons.
Difficulty: Easy - 3 Lives - 10 Level <|> Normal - 12 Lives - 30 Level Jump over all the obstacles in your way to escape from the Dungeon of pain. CONTROLS: UP ARROW --> SMALL JUMP DOWN ARROW --> DUCK SPACE BAR --> BIG JUMP PRESS "P" TO PAUSE THE GAME.
Escape From The Planet Of Robot Monsters Escape from the Planet of...

On a mission to the planet of the robot monsters to steal the plans for their top secret super weapon, someone has set off the alarm and now the whole planet is coming to get you.  You control Scrappy and need to protect him for 10 levels in this game and you will need to complete all of them to return to your ship so you can get back home.  Watch out though because Scrappy needs a minute to open the door to the next level.

Fignting Mosnters Jigsaw Puzzle Fignting Monsters Jigsaw...
25 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle with a picture of an amazing fantasy scene featuring a two flying Monsters fighting. Try to complete the puzzle as quickly as you can with or without the background picture to help.
Fisherwerewolf Fisherwerewolf
The Monkey Beanz guide trainned you to fight werewolves, find and cook foods. Help the Monkey Beanz people by feeding them and slay the werewolves.
Feed to heal yourself. Fight in the mountains to beat game. W or Z = Punch S or X = Kick A or Left Key = Left D or Right Key = Right Space or Up key = Jump E = Use
Frankenstein Frenzy Frankenstein Frenzy
Escape from the laboratory where the evil scientists are trying to keep you contained. You are Frankenstein in this fantastically fun Halloween game. Build your own games like this on Pulado.com! Make Your Own Games.
Goblin Defense 2 Se Goblin Defense 2 SE

If this is your first time playing Goblin Defense you may want to view the in game tutorial on how to play.  In this tower defense style game you must protect the city from the countless waves of Goblins and other monsters.  Can you last all 15 waves?

Easd Hallo Monster
You are a little Devil and wanna challeng the halloween monsters castle! Buy more weapons and upgrade your ability using the money earned in each mission. Play this game with mouse. Good Luck!
You are a little Devil and wanna challeng the halloween monsters castle! Buy more weapons and upgrade your ability using the money earned in each mission. Play this game with mouse. Good Luck!
Humans Vs Monsters Humans VS Monsters
Humans vs Monsters is an exciting defense game. You have to place troops to defend your military bases from incoming hordes of Monsters. Destroy all monsters and not let them to enter in your base. You can place your units but also make them move along the territory so they can help the troops in need. Each monster that enters your base will cost you a life. During the battle you can buy and sell units and military vehicles such as jeeps and tanks and improve the combat quality and power of your soldiers. Unforeseen events such as "fire rain" could hit and destroy your army. Resist to the end! 32 waves of attacks, 6 different types of monsters, 3 different battlefields wait for you!
Use mouse to select/unselect troops
Kill The Monster Kill the Monster
Your goal to defeat the big yellow monster. Use a specially trained team with unique physical ability. You must eliminate all monsters - monster must die!
Use the mouse to play.
Mad Or Dead Mad or Dead
Infiltrate abandoned city poisoned with unknown toxin. Kill the monsters. Run like mad, don’t end dead!
Aim with mouse, click to fire. Use arrows to move and jump, down arrow (or numbers) to change weapons. Avoid toxic waste. Go right and survive as long as you can.
Match Monsters Match Monsters
Match Monsters is “match 3″, PVP (Player vs. Player) multiplayer online game. Make formation of three or more gems to activate them. Create your profile, clan, defeat your opponents, make new friends, win coins and buy special abilities and new avatars!
• Turn based "match 3" - Wait on your turn and make formation of three or more gems to activate them. • Each game have different ability. • Defeat your opponent by activating the right gems.
Monster Avoider Monster Avoider
Collect the stars and avoid the monsters.
Use the mouse.
Monster Bash V1 Monster Bash
The idea is to collide two monsters of similar colors and annihilate them to earn points. Colliding monsters with non similar colors will make us loose life.
Move the magical paddle with the mouse. Collide the magical paddle with monster to charge the monster. Collide the charged monster with same color to earn points. Lose if different color collides. Break all pairs.
Monster Castle Xp Monster Castle XP
Defend your queen from the enemies who want to invade your kingdom.Defense tower game, where you can create and evolve monsters to protect your castle from the 10 different enemies.
Defend your queen from the enemies who want to invade your kingdom.
Monster Crunch Monster Crunch

In this shoot-em up game you play as a pink monster that must shoot and kill all the other monsters.

Monster Destroyer Td Monster Destroyer TD
kill all monsters with your weapon and earn money for upgrades.
Monster Gems Monster Gems

In this game you must destroy the monsters by creating lines of 3 or more similar monsters.  To play, use your mouse to move monsters and click to swap adjacent monsters.

Monster Go Home Monster Go Home
Help the poor little monster get home before his mom beats him.
Use your mouse to click on a row with monsters then choose a row with his home to get him there.
Monster Hunter Treasures Monster Hunter: Treasures

In this fun casual physics styled game, you must feed a monster with a can of nails, but prevent him from eating meat.  You must also shoot all the undead monsters.  Now with 60 levels and 4 levels of difficulty for you to choose from.


To play, use you mouse to aim and click to shoot.  Use the keyboard arrows to move left or right.

Monster Invasion Vikings Invaders Monster Invasion : Vikings...
Stop the Viking Monsters from invading England again using various ingenious contraptions such as trap door, springs, slings, anvil, flame throwers and electrocuters while listening to their funny squeak and squeal as they are being sent to oblivion. Brave the continuous hordes of Viking Monsters as the attack waves continue non-stop. Compete for the highest score with the online leaderboard.
You mouse to click the traps when monster appear right below it.
Monster Kitchen Monster Kitchen

In this restaurant game you must make sure the four monsters that are eating get their correct orders.  For you to do that you must use the mouse around the playing field to rotate the restaurant,  Can you get their orders right?  Because if not, they might just be eating you!

Monster Match Monster Match

In this simple game you must use your mouse to draw a line that connects 2 or more of the same creature.  Once you do that they will disappear and add to your score.  But don't let them reach the top of the screen or you will lose the game.

Monster Shop Monster Shop

Monster Shop, a fun game where you are running the scariest store on earth!  In this game you must take orders from your customers, but be sure to serve them correctly.  Sometimes you will need to combine items to serve the correct order.  To control use the arrow buttons.

Monster War Monster war
Within the main interface is to eliminate all the monsters before, like the type of game Lianliankan little friends can come try their skill, it is interesting Lianliankan type monster on the game, the game use the mouse to click before they can eliminate the same drag color of monster.
Within the main interface is to eliminate all the monsters before, like the type of game Lianliankan little friends can come try their skill, it is interesting Lianliankan type monster on the game, the game use the mouse to click before they can eliminate the same drag color of monster.
Monsters In Bunnyland Monsters in Bunnyland
Two monsters have found themselves in a wrong place at the wrong time. Use your brain and help them getting out. There are lots of exciting and unique levels that are waiting for you. Can monsters make it? Everything depends on you!
Your goal is to find a way out from every level. Use arrows in your keyboard to move and jump. Holding "S" will allow you catching everything what is within reach. Space button changes monster that you control. Use your brain, move everything what can be moved, press buttons and switches and do whatever you want but get monsters out. There are three, hidden stars in every level. Collect them to get extra points. Have fun!
Monsters Rampage Monsters Rampage
In Monsters Rampage you have to kill these bouncing monsters. They split into smaller monsters that you have to shoot again. Upgrade your weapon and complete all 25 challenging levels. You will start with a normal hand gun, if you shoot accurate enough you will be able to get the bigger guns. Do not let them hit you otherwise you need to try the level again. A fun shooting game, have fun!
Use the arrow keys to move, press space to shoot.
Operation Onslaught V1 Operation:Onslaught

Operation Onslaught is a horror overhead shooting game with 13 missions and 4 mini games.  You must fight 30 different monsters and 5 end level bosses.  You can upgrade your weapons and buy more.  As you complete levels you will unlock new levels and mini games.

My Game Pretty Monsters' Killer
Pretty Monsters' Killer game created by Char Studio.
You control the tank which has to kill all the monsters by shooting. Use A and D or Left and Right buttons to move left or right. Mouse click to shoot. Once you shoot the last monster you go to a next level.
Roly Poly Monsters Roly-Poly Monsters

Evil monsters have turned your town into a dark and scary place to live and it's up to you to stop them.  Use your bombs to blow them up.  To play, use your mouse to place a bomb.  The quicker you kill the monsters, the better your score will be.

Scientist Vs Monsters Scientist vs Monsters
Simply click on monsters with the cursor to score points. You gain extra points for smashing multiple monsters at a time. Smashing scientists will cost you a life. Also a scientist being eaten will cause a loss of life. The game will end when you lose all three of your lifes. Watch out for the super fast red Monsters. Also use your power-ups wisely they can save your life.
Trap Master Trap Master

Treasure hunters are coming after the legendary Doom Chest in your liar and it's up to you, the Monster Master to stop them.  To play use the WASD or arrow keys to move.  Use your mouse to aim and click to fire.  Don't let those trespassers anywhere near the treasure! 

Were Wars V3 Were Wars
Werewolf Card Game. Use your attack cards,creature cards,equipment cards and spell cards to destroy your opponent and get his health to 0
Equipment cards usually boost creatures and might only be playable if you have a creature out. Spells can have practically any effect. Creatures attack and defend and are the only way to damage a player. Use the change button only when you have 7 cards in hand to switch to a different card.
Were Wars 2 The Rats Were Wars 2 the Rats
After the start of the lycanthrope battle,the wererats have decided to join the fray and see what profit can be had.
Left click on cards to put them into play or to discard them for more rage points. Rage is needed to cast spells and creatures. Click ok on the top of the screen to end your turn. Creatures damage the enemy player once the other players creatures are all dead. Bring the enemies health to 0 to win.
Werewars Fight Werewars Fight
Step into the world of werewars and battle it out with four werewolves thirsty for blood.
Choose easy or hard and battle it out with the other werewolves controlled by the computer. Block,use special attacks and win! Left click to pick easy or hard,left click to pick your character and left click on start game to begin. A,S,D for attacks,arrow keys for movement,space for block.
Werewars Jigsaw 1 Werewars Jigsaw 1
Simple jigsaw puzzle using the werewolf spirit creature from werewars.
Drag pieces next to other pieces that you think fit together, if they do they will snap together. The mouse wheel will rotate the piece thats currently selected. Change the numbers on the bottom right and hit start to make a bigger or smaller puzzle.
Werewolf Find Numbers Werewolf find numbers
Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to collect all the numbers. Hidden Numbers is a game made for kids but is fun for everyone.
Use mouse to play. To progress, you have to find the 0-9 numbers.
Werewolf Jigsaw Puzzle Werewolf Jigsaw Puzzle
25 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle with a picture of an amazing fantasy scene featuring a Dragon. Try to complete the puzzle as quickly as you can with or without the background picture to help.
Werewolf Whirled Werewolf
There are werewolves among us. You may be one of them. Attempt to survive day and night in this classic party game recreated in a Whirled room game.

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