Horror Games
Alpha Escape 2 1134

1134 is a horror escape room game.  Every night you find yourself waking up at 11:34pm.  Why is this.  Can you solve the mystery of 1134 and make your escape from this nightmare?

Dark Realm A Dark Realm

In this escape room game, you have found yourself in this old place and have no idea why or how you got there.  As you enter, the building collapses and blocks the only exit you can see.  Now you must find a way out and why you are here to begin with,  Collect items so that and solve puzzles so that you can finally escape this dark place.

Abandoned Halls Abandoned Halls

After falling asleep you have found yourself waking up in a dark and creepy abandoned building.  How did you get there?  How will you get out?  It seems as if you are trapped and now you must use your mouse to figure a way out of this place before it is too late.

Abandoned Studio Abandoned Studio

In this room escape game, your uncle has died and left you his abandoned studio in his will.  You have heard all kinds of stories about it being haunted, but that doesn't scare you.  After you go in to investigate you find yourself trapped.  Now you must find your way out.  Use your mouse to interact with objects and solve puzzles so that you can finally escape this scary place.

Abandoned X Abandoned X

Abandoned X is an horror escape game.  After being convinced by your friends to do a paranormal investigation at the local haunted insane asylum, you become separated from your friends.  You panic so hard you end up passing out.  When you awake you find yourself alone and scared.  Now you must escape from the asylum alone.

Aliens Visit Aliens Visit

Kill the aliens and stay alive in this horror flash game.

Black Maps Alone in Dark

In this flash version remake of the game Alone In The Dark, your job is simple.......Survive.

Amberdale Amberdale

Amberdale is a strange town with a strange past.  It must be haunted because lately your sleep has been terrible.  Now you have woke in a strange new place not sure where you are.  But a feeling of dread has overcome you.  All you know is that you must escape this horrible place before it's too late.  Use your mouse to play this room escape game and search for clues to help you find an escape out of this doomed place.

Apartment Floor 96 Apartment floor 96

In this room escape game you find yourself stuck in an apartment building.  You have already just narrowly escaped the 97th floor and are now on the 96th floor which seems even worse.  The rooms are all decorated for Halloween and you have met a witch there that is also stuck.  Team up with her and find your way out.  Use your mouse to play and interact with the objects in the rooms.

Arrival In Hell 1 Arrival in Hell 1

You are a prisoner whose prison has been taken over by demons, monsters and horrifying nightmares.  You wanted to escape before, but now you must to secure your own fate.  Will you escape alive?  

To play use your mouse to interact with the objects before you and plan your route from hell!

Asylum Asylum - Zwischenwelten -...
Solve the riddles of your own hell. Trust Dr. Verhoeven. This place changes you! Don't be afraid. Survive and escape this horror. Löse die Rätsel deiner selbst. Vertraue Dr. Verhoeven. Dieser Ort verändert dich. Hab keine Angst. Überlebe und entkomme diesem Horror.
Open the gate that wakes in darkness opening new nightmares. Find the helmet, spells, signs and mirror. Use it carefully. Use the switches at the gate around it to activate. The gate must be behind you if you to it turns. Closes your eyes to regenerate. Öffne das Tor das in Finsternis wacht und neue Wege in deine Alpträume öffnet. Finde den Helm, Bannsprüche, Zeichen und Spiegel. Benutze sie vorsichtig. Um das Tor zu aktivieren benutze die Schalter. Das Tor muss hinter dir sein wenn du dich zu ihm drehst. Schliesse deine Augen um dich zu regenerieren.
Asylum Rehash Asylum Rehash

Locked in an asylum you can't tell what is real and what is messing with your imagination.  Constant nightmares keep haunting you.  This game has 70 areas for you to explore and 40 items to help you in your mission.  

Escape V508944 Ather Asylum

After falling asleep you find yourself in a strange asylum.  Is this just a dream.  Or perhaps a nightmare.  What if this is real?  The only way to find out is to escape the asylum in this room escape game.  Use your mouse to interact with items and rooms and try and find your way out of this hell.

Attack Of The Dead Attack of the Dead
The day has come when the dead arose from their graves and started roaming the lands. It is up to you to to ensure your own safety since everyone else is already zombie food or turned into zombies. Buy new guns to help you protect yourself from the living dead.
See in game
Awoken Awoken

You have just woken up.  You don't know where you are or how you got there.  Search around and try to figure out how to escape this strange new place.

Black Out Black Out
"Who am I? Where am I? And more importantly, why are these psychopaths trying to murder me?" In this interactive horror game, your fate is determined by the choices you make throughout the game. Find a way to escape the clutches of the murderers who are hunting you down. Experiment and find various endings to earn awards, which will reveal a secret message once all are earned.
Click on options when they appear to watch your choices fall into play. If you see the border of the screen turn red, click quickly or it'll be too late.
Bblood Red Blood Red
Blood Red is a silhouette styled zombie survival game in which you fight waves of ever increasing difficulty. Featuring zombies and, other nasty undead, things, Blood Red will keep you firing faster than you can reload.
use arrow keys or wasd to move, mouse to shoot
Catacombs Of Wolves V1 Catacombs of wolves
Find a way out of a vault teeming with blood-thirsty werewolves.
Arrows to move, space bar to mutation
Cemetery Games Cemetery Games
A good old bust up your controller game. Try to manage all 6 events well enough to unlock some more stuff. Being dead was never so much fun!
Left and right arrow keys - INCREASE SPEED Down arrow key - BRAKE Up arrow key - JOUST 1,2,3,4,5 - ACTIVATE ITEM
Darkness Episode 1 Darkness Episode 1

The first installment of the point and click game Darkness.  If you enjoy it, try the other episodes as well.

Darkness Episode 2 Darkness Episode 2

The sequel to Darkness Episode 1.  This is a simple point and click horror game.  Play all 3 of the Darkness series.  If you dare.

Darkness Episode 3 V1 Darkness Episode 3

Darkness Episode 3 is another horror game in the Darkness series.  To play this simple game, simply point and click using your mouse.

Day Of The Ghouls Day of the Ghouls
Young people are disappearing and a town is cowering in fear. The streets are deserted, the police are befuddled, and even Pizzeria Romana won't deliver any more. And, as if alligators in the sewers weren't bad enough, now there are rumors of...ghouls?! Who can unravel this mystery and save the people from this new horror? We need someone fearless, persistent, observant, someone who won't hesitate to confront evil and outsmart it. We need a Senior Junior Assistant Editor from the Ferkakta Times.
Devils Ride V791761 Devils Ride

You are Grinny McSkullHead, a dead stunt bike men.  To score you must collect the flaming skulls.  To play use the up and down arrow keys to go and left or right arrows to tilt your bike.

Dungeons Of Sordorath Dungeons of Sordorath

In this fantasy adventure game you must beat 5 levels, but be warned, it's harder then it seems.  For every monster you defeat you will become stronger.  You should fight weaker monsters before taking on the stronger ones.  If you use your magic rings, use them wisely as they only defeat the wizards.  Each ring has only 3 charges.

Dying Hope V1 Dying Hope
Survive through hordes of zombies and uncover the mystery of the horrible monkeys.
Move with WASD, attack with Mouse. Run with Shift. Kick doors with space.
Escape V820382 Eerie Asylum

The Eerie Asylum has been around since before you where born.  It has long since been abandoned and everyone hears rumors of why.  Some say it was unsafe, some say it's haunted and some think a deep rooted evil dwells within it's walls.  You are curious and decide to find out for yourself, but now you are trapped within it's walls.  Use your mouse to interact with objects and find a way to escape.  If you can.

Escape Fate Escape Fate

You wondered into an old dark house seeking help one night only to find no one there and now you have found yourself trapped.  Do you have what it takes to get out in this room escape game?  Can you escape fate?

Escape Grim Asylum Escape Grim Asylum

You and your friend where hanging out outside of the old haunted abandoned house when you dared him to go inside.  After some time has passed your friend has not returned and you have become worried.  So you decide to go into the house to find him.  He's not there and now you are trapped. You must find a way out and make our escape.

Escape Ill Manor Escape Ill Manor

Ill Manor is an old, abandoned building that many believe to be haunted.  Rumor has it that years ago a bunch of curious people went in there, never to be heard from again.  One night you decide to investigate and find out you are trapped in the manor.  Now you must find a way out in this horror room escape game.

Escape V235227 Escape South Sanatorium

Something about the South Sanatorium plagues you.  For some reason many of your own family have spent time in the asylum.  Is there something wrong with your family or does this old building have some kind of horrific bond with you?  You decide to find out and are now stuck in the Sanatorium.  Can you find a way out?  Use your mouse to play this horror room escape game.

Foreign Creature Foreign Creature

Play from the point of view of the evil creature in this game.  You are a blood thirsty alien that is invisible to human eye's.  The only thing they see is the blood and carnage that you leave in your wake.  Use your mouse to point and click and interact with your surroundings.

Ghostbuster V1 Ghostbuster
There are 3 haunted places. The player needs to find all the ghosts in each haunted place to progress to another haunted place. The player wins when he finds all the ghosts in all the haunted places.
>Equipment description: EMF detector and Air pressure: When you suspect a ghost in a place, you can use these devices separately or in combination to find ghosts. These devices, however, has limited readings for each haunted place. So use them wisely. Camera: You need to take pictures of ghosts using this device. Snaps are also limited. >How to play There are four haunted places in which the ghosts are there: Haunted house, haunted hotel and haunted mansion. Look at each room and read the clues carefully. Use your mouse pointer to locate clues in a room. When you suspect anything unusual in a room, use the devices to know the possibility of presence of ghost and when you are sure that the ghost is there, take the picture. Find all the ghosts in a haunted place to go to another haunted place. You win the game when you find all the ghosts in all the haunted places.
Ghosts Of Afya Part 1 Ghosts of Afya Part 1
This is a platformer adventure game in which you play a young girl searching for her dog's stolen spirit in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Pick up and move flammable objects, like wooden furniture and piles of clothing, into the paths of the shadow beings and set them on fire. The enemies are destroyed upon touching flame.
Grunge The Invasion Grunge: The Invasion
Help Grunge save the world by killing the Shimes
W - Jump D - Shoot Left & Right Arrow - Move Down Arrow - Kneel
Asylum 4 Haunted Asylum

After being invited to join in a sacred ceremony at the haunted insane asylum, you arrive to find no one there.  While waiting for others you fall asleep only to awake and realize you are still alone.  However the door is locked for some reason.  Explore the asylum so that you can make your escape.  Or is it already too late?

Here To Collect Here To Collect
What’s better than an old fashioned bar shootout? Taking on legions of the undead? Fighting tooth and nail for your own survival? How about doing them all at the same time! In Here to Collect, a run-and-gun, multi-directional shooter that takes place in a western-themed saloon, you the player takes on the role of Rhade, a bounty hunter searching for a cure to a curse forced upon him. He must fight his way through hordes of unique and seemingly endless enemies – while gaining new abilities and weapons along the way – as he races to save himself from his predestined fate.
Clean out the bar of the filth that inhabit it.
Hero Of Light Hero of light
“Hero of light” is a platform game with the elements of horror and puzzles. A breathtaking adventure in the mysterious cave full of various monsters is waiting for you. Moreover, all this goes with splendid music.
Horror Bubble Horror Bubble
Horror Bubble. Play more flash games at http://www.freegameview.com
House Of Horror House of Horror
House of Horror is a horror themed three reel slot machine. Trigger the feature by getting 3 scatter symbols.
Use the spin, maxbet, bet and line buttons to place bets and spin the reels.
Hyperspace War Hyperspace War

It's war and it's in hyperspace.  You are the captain of a space ship deep in space where you must fight 10 terrifying enemies.  Upgrade your ship and fight for as long as you can to keep space safe.  

To play use the arrow keys to move and the left mouse button shoots.  Your mouse will also aim.

Infestedspace InfestedSpace
Your crew is dead. The ship is infested. All you have is a blaster and a flashlight. Can you make it out alive?
WASD: move F: toggle flashlight E: interact Mouse: aim Left-Click: fire Esc (or P): pause M: toggle audio
Josh Tam Mysteries G1 House Of The Green Josh Tam Mysteries G1 -...
Josh Tam goes on a mission to uncover the answers behind the hauntings and disappearances behind the mysteries of the house of the green. Enjoy this point-and-click adventure/mystery/horror game takes you through the revelation of the gruesome history of the uneasy area.
Point and click with mouse.
Maze V17 MAZE
Will you escape or will you get trapped in it? Story: I remember I had a strange dream. I was trying to escape a maze. I also remember escaping the maze. But I don't remember waking up from that dream.
WASD to move the character. Mouse to move the character's flashlight. ^, <, v, and > indicate exits.
Mutant Uprising Mutant Uprising
From the twisted minds that brought you Bunny Invasion comes a tale of horror, gore and stupidity. A deadly disease has turned most of the population into hideous mutants. Can you survive? You can become a crazed killer and mutilate your mutated enemy, or you can choose the much kinder option and spare them... Or you can run like hell. Choose your destiny! Depending on your performance, you will receive a different ending and ranking - if you make it out alive that is. Enjoy!
Click on the choices shown on screen to advance the story. Click once anywhere on screen to make text appear immediately. P to Pause.
Neverending Light Neverending Light
A guided tour goes horribly wrong when monsters eat everyone!
Move with the arrow keys or the WASD keys. Aim with the mouse. Attack with the left mouse button. (When available)
Night Of The Scarecrows Night of the Scarecrows
Night of the Scarecrows is a fun and addictive Match 3 puzzle game. You must defend your farming village from the invading army of angry scarecrows come to life. Use your torch cursor and animal allies to keep the invaders at bay.
Keep the advancing army of scarecrows from reaching the bottom of the field by using the torch cursor to burn groups of 3 or more similar scarecrows. Earn and store bonuses to use when you need them and try to burn scarecrows in successively larger groups to earn bonus points!
Nightmare V3 NIGHTMARE

Surrounded by nightmares you must face your fear and kill the beast.

To play this game use the A key to kill the beast and the left and right arrow keys to move.

Paranormal Hunter Paranormal Hunter

As the worlds best paranormal investigator, you have been in some pretty scary haunted houses, so nothing scares you.  Until you have arrived at this house.  Nothing in your life could prepare you for the ghosts inside.  Now you must eliminate them all.  

To play use your mouse to shoot your primary weapon or double click to use your secondary weapon.  You can also use the Z or X keys.

Photo Play Scary Mary PHOTO PLAY: Scary Mary

Mary is a spider that fights her enemies using spiderwebs.  To complete a level you must create a spiderweb that covers at least 75% of the playing area.  You will face off against multiple enemies in this game.  Watch out that the enemies don't touch your webbing as you create it or you will lose a life.  

Pumpkin Wars Pumpkin Wars

It's Halloween and all the monsters in the graveyard are rising up to play tricks.  It's up to you to jump into you pumpkin and shoot them all up.  To play use the WASD or arrow keys to move.  Spacebar will shoot.  1 or Z will activate your healing power up and the 2 or X key will use your Nuke power up.  3 or C will use your shield power up.

Angry Asylum Red Asylum

The old Red Asylum that sits on top of the hill has been plaguing your dreams and your thoughts.  Why can you not stop thinking about this haunting building.  What power does it hold over you?  You decide to follow your curiosity and find out. Now that you are inside, you find yourself trapped and unable to get out.  Now you must use your mouse to figure a way out in this escape room game.  Can you leave the Red Asylum?

Running Men Running Men
Some global Corporation carries out professional development training for their managers. You play as one of these managers, who perform the tasks of training by means of guinea pigs. You've never seen anything like it. At first glance, you might think that it's a usual arcade-puzzle game. But actually, it's a serious psychological drama with unique gameplay and elements of social satire. After playing this game you will forever change your attitude to computer and video games.
Scary Match V1 Scary Match
scary match is the worlds scariest memory based puzzle game. You are challenged by a demon to try to complete the boards by finding all matches before time runs out. The demon will distract you with gruesome images and taunt you with rude comments. There are 3 levels of difficulty in this awesome but scary game!
Use your mouse key to flip over the cards and try to clear the board in time.
Scary Night Scary Night

Your mansion is under attack by evil skeletons.  Luckily you have a bunch of pumpkins you can shoot at them.  Kill the skeletons before they overtake your mansion.  Watch out though, your ammo is limited.

The 19th Escape The 19th: Escape

The 19th Escape is a simple horror room escape game.  Use your mouse to interact with each room and it's objects until you can find the way out and make your escape.

The Black Box The Black Box
Living in the street is tough especially at winter. You find an abandoned building nearby, but after you enter, the door disappear... A horror escape game with unique greyscale artworks. Solve the mystery and escape the building before the spirits overwhelm you. Or are you sure you can escape? Walkthrough is inside the game. Please turn on your speaker / headset and plays at night for best result.
Use mouse to click and interact with objects.
The Collector V2 The Collector

You've been selected and collected by the notorious Collector.  Now you must escape his strangle hold and get out of the house.  But watch out for traps along the way.

To play use the WASD keys to move and your mouse for your torch.  

The Dark Cave The dark cave

Do you have what it takes to enter the dark cave and deal with whatever evil awaits you inside?  Enter and find out in this horror game.

The Elevator Of The Dead The Elevator of the Dead
Original shooting game with claustrophobic and terrifying atmosphere. Shoot with your gun all the zombie creatures. Graphics and sound very realistic.
Shoot with your mouse all the zombies creatures.
The Fairview Horror The Fairview Horror
Survive a year long struggle against waves of zombies! Lock yourself down in your fortified base, or stand your ground and fight back!
The Graveyard Shuffle The Graveyard Shuffle

In this version of 3 card monte or the shell game, you must successfully guess where the balls are after each shuffle.  Can you guess where these monsters shuffled to?  The game will end when you run out of money to bet or if you run out of your 3 chances.

The Inside V858336 The Inside

In this horror game you find yourself in a morbid, dark world searching for your love.  To play use your arrow keys to move.  Z will activate items and use your mouse to interact with your surroundings.

The Mold The Mold
Solve all the puzzles of mysterious and horrible place. Can you figure out how to escape?
In game
The Raptorian The Raptorian
Defeat the Warriors and the red Dragon of Raptorian. Find the hidden treasure. Free imprisoned taken heroes. To escape the horrors of the dungeon you have to find the exit.
Control the Warrior with the arrow keys. Press ctrl to throw your axe and space to jump. Use Mouse in menues. Use Arrow Key UP to open the treasure chests.
Underground Terror 3d Underground Terror 3D
13 levels shooting challenge. Can you defeat the monsters from the underground nightmare?
Unforsaken Unforsaken

In the past few weeks several people have mysteriously vanished in your small town.  The police are clueless and have no idea why this is.  Their answer is to implement a curfew after dark so no one else will be abducted.  On your way home from a friends house you heard what sounded like a gunshot.  Running to the sound to see what has happened you fall and hit your head on a rock and that's the last thing you remember before waking up in a strange, dark place.

Urban Brawl Urban Brawl
Fight off zombies, bunnies, dinosaurs, and UFOs with your handy golf club and pistol. No suburbanites allowed.
When an enemy approaches, press the corresponding arrow key.
Znemspot Horror Edition ZNEMSPOT - HORROR EDITION
Find the differences in this spooky little timewaster! Hurry up to be the best in the highscore! Play more games on Anzieh Spiele kostenlos
Use your mouse ti spot the differences!

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